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We Know What Works

MBBS Abroad System, with office in the UK, is a leading medical student recruitment agency. With years of experience securing placements for students worldwide in Europe’s most reputable and affordable medical universities, we are the only choice that guarantees your first step toward realizing your dreams.

Our official affiliations with numerous medical schools in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria offer English-language undergraduate and graduate programs in Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine. We can also assist in securing places in UK medical courses and work with local civil services bureaus to meet our students’ needs.

From your online application to your graduation, we provide world-class premium services at an affordable cost.

We pride ourselves on offering guaranteed entry and a full deposit refund if we fail to secure your place at one of our partner universities.

We have a track record of success, with numerous students who have become distinguished alumni in the medical field, successful entrepreneurs, and executives in the public and private sector. We have built a strong reputation based on integrity, honesty, respect, and high-quality services that we continuously strive to improve.

At MBBS Abroad System, your future is our top priority. We are grateful for the trust of our many students and hope you will join them in experiencing the unique opportunities only we can offer.

Love for education and the student

we prioritize love for education and the student. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing quality education and supporting students in achieving their academic and career goals. We continuously improve our services, creating a nurturing environment that fosters a love for learning and inspires personal and professional growth. Education is a powerful tool that can transform lives, and we are committed to making this power accessible to all students who aspire to become healthcare professionals.

Guaranteed admission to universities of your choice and enlarging learning opportunities

Our goal is to guarantee admission to top European medical universities. Our team has signed contracts with the best and fully accredited medical universities in Europe, including Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. With these partnerships, we are able to guarantee admission to our students as long as they meet the minimum grade requirements. Our goal is to not only ensure admission but to also enlarge learning opportunities for our students, providing them with the tools they need to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

We keep our promises. We implement our commitments ensuring they materialize

Our values center around professionalism and reliability. We deliver on our commitments, ensuring that every aspect of our services is carried out with the highest level of dedication. From application to post-graduation support, we take pride in implementing our promises. Our commitment has earned us the trust of our students and partners. We believe that professionalism and reliability are key to providing the best possible education and support. We remain dedicated to upholding these values in all our endeavors.

What We Do


Secured Admission

We affiliate with top European medical universities and secure UK admission.

Processing Paperwork

We handle admission applications, and track applications for you.

Entry Tests (if applicable)

We offer exam prep with material, tutoring, and support.

Financial Aid/Scholarship

We provide financing information and scholarships through partner universities.

Settlement Abroad

We register, transfer, provide support for students, including accommodation.

Postgraduate Support

We offer post-grad advice, job training, and CV assistance.

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